Manage security of the whole system MSOC protects the system againist danger, loss and criminals. Marine Security Operation Center
Optimize performance Optimizing performance is the process of modifying a software system to make some aspect of it work more efficiently or use fewer resources. Data Warehouse
Process and store data Hotel system stores data by using database management system. Data Warehouse
Reduce cost Reducing total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor. Data Warehouse, IN House IT Staff
In-House Working In-house is when a function or task is performed by the company itself, instead of using outside contractors In House IT Staff
Register customer Add customer profile to hotel system. Front Office Manager
Handle customer through telephone Front Office manager answer phones and gives information Front Office Manager
Inform customers Front Desk manager gives information about hotel cost, services and rooms. Front Office Manager
Check whole system System manager checks the system if there is any problem and orginize reports to system owner System manager
Activity report Sales & Marketing creates an activity report and activity monitoring to system manager. System manager
Handle Technical Issue Handle Technical issues when occurs. IT Service Department
Software consulting A software consultant is a professional that assesses a business or organizationís processes and provides software solutions and other recommendations based on that assessment. IT Service Department
Training Curriculum An established set of course topics for instruction in an approved training program for a particular discipline designed to provide specialized knowledge and skills to front desk manager. Personnel Training manager
Monitor Employee Performance Monitoring involves conducting periodic checks to determine an employee's level of performance in relation to established performance standards. Monitoring provides the data by which performance is ultimately evaluated Personnel Training manager
Get information Customer gets information from Front Desk Manager. Customer
Pay for services Customer pays for services. Customer
Makes Reservation Makes a reservation for customer. Customer
Banquet Sales Banquet Sales is the backbone of banqueting.The efficiency of banquet operations and guest satisfaction depends on banquet sales .The staff has to be perfect & the coordination of the office with the kitchen should be very professional. Sales and Marketing department
Make Booking Customer makes booking from internet or phone call.By using phone call front desk manager helps if there is available rooms. Sales and Marketing department
Identify Feature Improvement This improvement measured to imrpove working performance and improving income of hotel chain. Sales and Marketing department
Continous Working A sustained and uninterrupted work activity,for example non-stop website services. Maintenance department
Productivity Work Works on increase productivity. Maintenance department
Keep track of business transactions Keeps track of an economic event or activity that initiates the accounting process or recording it inthe firm's accounting system. Account department
Repair financial statements Repairs the formal record of the financial activities of a business, person, or other entity. Account department
Handle daily operations reports Account department works on daily operations and reports. Account department
Check reservations Checks the reservation system and give information about rooms. Reservation manager
Check system Checks the system and gives a report to Manager. Reservation manager
Make Report Marketing Department prepares daily, montly and yearly seperate reports for checking improvements of hotel chain Marketing and Sales department